The air and steel in constant emulation

Saco Azul - Cultural Association and Maus Hábitos once again join forces and efforts to build another edition of Vivarium Festival in a program that brings together different forms of artistic expression, having as a common theme the complex intersection between the natural and the artificial in contemporaneity.

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th of November, Maus Hábitos - in Porto - and the Café Concerto of the Vila Real Theater will host the 3rd edition of Vivarium, a festival dedicated to exploring the multiple planes of intersection between the organic and the technological, with a program full of concerts, performances, exhibitions and conversations.

Continuing the focus on the diversity of artistic expressions and the geographical origin of the participants, this edition is also marked by the experience of diluting the distance between the two cities, resorting to the intercalation between the live events that take place in each space with the streaming transmission of what is happening. This will allow the public to enjoy the festival in its entirety, which will feature concerts by Lucrecia Dalt (Colombia), Mai Mai Mai (Italy), Luís Fernandes (Portugal) and Tatsuro Arai (Japan), performances by Inês Tartaruga Água (Portugal), Tarik Bari + Sote (Netherlands), Khyam Allami (Iraq) and Carincur (Portugal) and the exhibition by audiovisual artist Mariana Vilanova, on display in both spaces.

Late into the night, there will also be space to explore electronic currents through Clubbing, sets and live acts from two of the most disruptive nightlife events in Porto (VOLT) and Berlin (Transition).

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