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MARCH 28 | 07:00 pm


Velvet Carpet


Velvet Carpet is a durable object that lives in constant reconfiguration. It is beginning and end, time and time again, weaving and changing and repeating and changing and repeating. It’s a place that loses and gains its origin, while it moves from it to relate to it; a place of meeting and conscious and unconscious communion shared by strangers and non-strangers; a non-communicational node that, paradoxically, communicates through (in)visible elements. Through sound frequencies, body movements and video, Velvet Carpet ties the past and future with the here and now, transforming into a floating landscape that reveals the immaterial matter that surrounds us - the ethereal - through frequencies that reverberate in the public.


Pedro Prazeres places dance and landscape in a symbiotic relationship of crossed knowledge. Landscape architect and choreographer, his work fits the intersection of both creative processes and interweaves his artistic practice in the relation between place, subject and ethereal. For him, landscape and dance resonate through a sensorial, proprioceptive and intuitive approach. In addition to university teaching and consulting work in landscape architecture, Pedro creates dance installations and performances that he presents at international festivals such as the DDD (Dias da Dança), in Porto, FIDCU, in Montevideo, museums such as the Fundação de Serralves, the National Gallery of Prague, in unconventional places and still in urban and rural landscapes. He points out as the most relevant projects in his journey the Transhumance H + dances, The Man Who Planted Winds, Tool-Trans-Body, Talking Lazaro, Eu-Globulus, 8_15_23 and Haute-Tension. As the human transforms the environment in which he is inserted and how this transformed environment conditions him, it is one of the central questions in his work.

Pedro works between Cevennes and Oporto. After graduating in landscape architecture in Lisbon and Helsinki, a dance graduate in Dundee and Prague (for which he won the INOVART scholarship for artistic crossings), he worked as a dancer and landscape architect in Prague and Berlin. Having finished his Masters degree exe.r.ce at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier Mathilde Monnie/Christian Rizzo in 2015, he continues to head his artistic work to the notions of "space between", non-place and free will. He also works as a collaborator and interpreter and has worked with Antonjia Livingstone, Mathilda Maya Carroll, Joclécio Azevedo, Martha Moore, Fabrice Ramalingom, Mette Ingvartsen, Christine Quoiraud, among others. He also works as a dance playwright and shares his practice in workshops for professional dancers, dance schools, the general public, and social institutions.


artistic direction and choreography: Pedro Prazeres
interpretation: Julen Barrenengoa, Pedro Prazeres, Jorge Queijo, Sofia Marques Ferreira, Carolina Martins
sound composition: Jorge Queijo
video-installation: Sofia Marques Ferreira
textual composition: Carolina Martins
projection: Martins Ratniks
external look: Berrak Yedek and Fabrice Ramalingom
technical direction: Bruno Santos
production support: Sekoia – Artes Performativas (PT), Maus Hábitos (PT), Heurtebise (PT), Companhia Instável (PT)
residence support: Espaço Mira (PT), EIRA (PT), gnration (PT), Companhia Instável (PT), Centro Cultural do Cartaxo (PT), Armazém 22 (PT)
support: Câmara Municipal do Porto: Programa Criatório, Fundação GDA


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