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MARCH 27 | 23:30


Maus Hábitos


Telectu was formed in 1981 by Jorge Lima Barreto and Vítor Rua, for the II Cerveira Art Biennial. They performed at the Festival of Vilar de Mouros, with the participation of Toli César Machado (colleague from Rua in the GNR) and vocalist Dr. Puto. The group also performed at the Festa do Avante! in which they became an assiduous presence.

From that point on until today, Telectu has seen a number of important musicians and artist in it´s ranks, and has performed widely in prominent music and art festivals in Portugal, Europe and beyond.

At this point Telectu are Vitor Rua and Ilda Teresa Castro.

The meeting between Ilda Teresa Castro and Vítor Rua is an idiomatic musical journey, a panel of languages among all; variation and idioletal multiplicity make any univocal stylistic and typological classification unsusceptible, as it is a heterophonic montage; it is a discontinuous and deconstructive flow, with different idioletal and idiomatic fronts.

The idiolet, that is, the singular and private discourse of these artists, is a schizoid function, imposes its stamp on all symptomatology, exhibits a private and independent code of one speaker, emerging from the cathartic significance of the musical experience.

Vítor Rua (electronic guitar, digital support and video)

Ilda Teresa Castro (Synthesizers, Spring Guitar, Dom DeLouise and Metallophone)


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