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MARCH 27 | 22:30


Maus Hábitos
Osso Vaidoso


When talking about Osso Vaidoso, it is mandatory to refer to it´s mentors: Ana Deus and Alexandre Soares and the groups they formed. GNR, in the case of Alexandre and Três Tristes Tigres, to which both, with Regina Guimarães, gave body and soul.
Três Tristes Tigres remains as a landmark in good taste and innovation in Portuguese music.
A careful listening to the album Animal, published in 2011 by Optimus and by Miopia in 2016, takes us on a journey made entirely of words, written by Regina Guimarães, Alberto Pimenta, Valter Hugo Mãe and Ana Deus.
Between sins and outburst the voice is clear, more than in Três Tristes Tigres, we quickly realize to what it means and it surprises us by what leaves behind. The guitar is a companion of itself, multiplies itself, questions itself, stumbles and if it falls, gets up.
These qualities translate into the live concerts. The road supllies the rest.


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