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MARCH 28 | 21:30


Maus Hábitos
Não tens cara de pau!


In an interior space of Maus Hábitos, a few dozen or even hundreds of small-scale paper figures will appear, presented and pasted on the wall, or ceiling, in profile for the viewer. The result will be a visual installation that will involve the entire space. The curious will be surrounded and “suffocated” by the disconcerting presence of features of unusual beings looking constantly at us, as spectators. The paper looks will spread and multiply in all angles and directions. The entire environment in this corrosive and disturbing universe, will make the observer feel repressed and strange in that circuit, or in its entire surrounding perimeter.


Marco Fagundes has a degree in fine arts/painting. A not so linear path has led the artist to experience some fields of expression, different artistic forms and even different activities and interventions. In his work we find installation (in inactive spaces) objects (transformed and recycled), painting, drawing, and more recently performance. He has been exhibiting regularly since 1997. Among the exhibitions, individual and collective, the individual ones stand out: ” O inferno só pode ser um beco”, Galeria dos Prazeres (2018). “Eu Chang and Eng” exhibition MUDAS Museum of Contemporary Art (2017). “Do Chão só restam ratos” installation BBC –T1. Exhibition illustration ”Entre Polos” Palácio Quintela, Lisbon-Magnética magazine 2013, “Steaks drawings and other stories”, Museum of contemporary art of Funchal (2012), “Mi tio és una farsa" drawing - Porto, Cirurgias Urbanas space (2012), "YO no soy tonta como una puerta" drawing, Lisbon, Geraldine space (2011), "Entre Polos” Illustration, pavilion 28, Julio de Matos hospital/Magnética magazine design (2010), In Porto “In hyde Park” - Painting, Cirurgias Urbanas space (2009), ”ROTFLOL” Museum of contemporary art in Funchal, ”Somewhere in Transilvania” painting - Madeira, Quinta da Rochinha space (2008), ”Againts the Wall ”Installation - Funchal, Arcadas do Pelourinho space (as a space under construction), "All Paper" Installation/painting-Funchal, warehouses Rua da Alfandega (2005), still in the same year "Interventions Efémeras”- Funchal Palácio S. Lourenço, ”Women women women” installation/drawing, Galeria Edicarte (2001). In the collective exhibitions he participated in Ateliês Abertos 39/93-Lisboa in collaboration with the atelier of Cristina Ataíde (2010), festival Interferências Magnética magazine design "Entre Polos” with a Mupi - Lisbon , "Ni Evas ni a Adanes" drawings; "MI tia és un hombre" Galeria Nuble-Santander/Spain, “Bioarte 10 + 1” urban art. Participation as guest artist and active member in the organization of the project that involved a series of artists like Cristina Ataíde, Susana Anágua, Susana Gaudêncio, Sara Santos, Soraya Vasconcelos, Desidério sargo, Sílvio Cró and Gonçalo Martins, São Vicente/Madeira. In 2009 he's distinguished with an acquisition prize at the Vila Nova de Cerveira Biennial with the work “Parade of Vanity” -pintura, “Marca Madeira", Painting, at M. Tecnopólo-Funchal (1997) and“ III Art student ”drawing in the Republic of Macedonia (1997) and (1995). He also has some illustrations and posters.


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