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24 MARÇO | 01:00


Sala de Espétaculos


Concert of electronic music with visual projection.


Created in Porto, ATILA is the alter ego of Miguel Béco in the exploration of electronic music. The music is black, dense, muscular, ethereal. Go through the lands of power-electronics, ambient, industrial and track music. His first releases are from 2012, having been affirmed in 2015 with "V", which is an album praised by the national critic. His last album, "Body", is the most mechanical and organic and and it speaks about the body as a vehicle of feeling. Atila has already shared stage with names such as Tim Hecker, Vessel, Gazelle Twin, Cut Hands, Kerridge or WIFE and he has gone through festivals like Amplifest, Serralves in Festa or Bicefal in Barcelona assuming himself as one of the promising names in national electronics.



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